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It is a very salient skill to know how to cut your hair using clippers. Cutting and styling of your hair can be easy if one understands how to use the clippers completely. They will help in saving you much cost since you will need not visit the barber regularly. It will go a long way towards saving your friends money as you will be helping them with your skills. The question remains, how do I get the skills to use a clipper? The following is a simple guide to start you off. Explore more wisdom about hair clippers trym 2.

First, you need to buy a clipper with a set of guide combs.  This set will help you be able to bring out an even hair. The guide combs help you gain control in cutting your hair. Also, they also protect the scalp from subjection to any injuries. People with short hair are advised to use shorter guide combs to facilitate the efficient working of the clipper.

Cleaning your hair is a vital step before clipping. Hair which is clean and free of grime ensures precise cutting. Pat your hair using a dry towel then pick your preferred set of clippers and guide combs. You should make sure that the comb is held in the right way by the Clippers. It enables you to prevent any injuries that may occur in the process.

Turn your clippers while holding the comp flat on your forehead. Start moving the Clippers to and fro the head under shave simultaneously. It helps bring out the evenness of the hair. To cut hair on one side of your head, you need to hold the clipper against the lower tip of your sideburns. Move the clipper up and down till you clear the hair that is also on the crown of the head. To remark the understanding about andis master clipper review, visit the link.

To cut the hair on the rear side of the head, you need to hold your clippers against the nape of your neck. Move the clipper back and forth cutting the hair evenly up to the crown. This process should be repeated until all your hair is cleared. In cases where some hair is left, it is advisable that you use scissors to clear it off.

Immediately after the whole process, brush off all the hair that has been cut on the head. Take a lukewarm shower and apply an aftershave or alcohol on your head. It prevents an attack of any infections on your head. As seen above, cutting your hair is just so easy. With a good set of guide combs and clippers, visiting a barber will be long gone. Learn more about hair clippers , follow the link.